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The Best Commercial Roofs in the Bronx

Big John Roofing is a team of commercial roofing contractors in the Bronx, NY, offering numerous reliable services for commercial roofing systems. Book your Bronx, New York, commercial roofing inspection to get started with us!

We have experience helping clients with commercial roofing repair, replacement, inspections, maintenance, and emergency services for an honest price. Whether you have new construction or an older property, we’ll use the best roofing materials for your building.

We can keep your commercial building’s roof in top shape with an annual maintenance appointment or emergency repair services. Our expert roofers are here to help you and answer your questions about your building, roofing system, and ways to properly maintain them.

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Bronx Commercial Roofing Contractors
Offering Roof Repairs

At Big John Roofing, our commercial roofing contractors stay prepared to repair the roofs of commercial and industrial buildings. We keep our trucks stocked with professional equipment and tools so that we have the ability to tackle every commercial roofing issue in one go.

Our business is accessible 24/7, so you can contact us for a same-day service appointment. Our roofers can repair broken shingles, leaks, cracks, damaged flashing, and many other concerns.

You can expect quality work from our roofing business. If you don’t know whether or not you require a Bronx, New York, commercial roof repair, look for the following signs that you should repair your commercial roof:


It's not a good sign when your roof has noticeable bubbles and blisters of moisture or air pockets. If our roofers treat them early, you can experience fewer problems and may not need a replacement. However, you still may need to repair your entire roofing membrane or specific parts of it.

Leaks or Water Damage

Dealing with water damage and leaks on a commercial roof is essential to protect your property. Water stains can show on the ceilings and lead to interior damage. If water is falling through your roof, it could harm your floors, furniture, and more, so contact us for assistance.

Bronx, New York Commercial Roof Replacement Services

Throughout their years in the roofing industry, our commercial contractors have developed the best budget-friendly replacement solutions. We can install roofing systems for industrial and commercial property owners from leading roof manufacturers. We’ll show you the top commercial roofing materials and determine how many square feet to cover.

Do you need a new commercial roof? We have industry experience and understand the common signs that suggest when it’s likely time to replace commercial roofs, such as:
Expensive Energy Bills

When commercial property owners are paying a fortune for their energy bills, it suggests they no longer have a quality roof. We can install a more energy-efficient replacement roof.

Major Water Damage

Commercial roofing clients dealing with water damage and severe leak issues could benefit from a brand-new, durable roof. You have many choices for commercial roofing systems, so contact us for a roof replacement service appointment today.

Bronx, New York Commercial Roof Snow Removal
Our team can assist with snow removal to avoid future leak problems and new construction damage. Professional snow removal also keeps your property and employees safe.

What Services Can Our Commercial Roofing Contractor Provide?

You can book services from our commercial roofing contractors across multiple locations in the Bronx. We guarantee quality service from our skilled roofers and offer the following commercial roofing services:

Annual Bronx, New York, Commercial Roof Inspection

You have the ability to maintain and use your commercial roof beyond its expected lifespan with the help of our roofing contractors. Scheduling a Bronx, New York commercial roof assessment means a licensed roofing contractor will carefully inspect your roof.

Our industry-renowned roofers provide the following during an inspection:

We can help improve the performance of commercial roofs with leak repairs, cleanings, and safety checks. After we leave the job site, you’ll know whether your commercial roofing could improve upon its security and reliability.
If your system needs severe repairs or is outdated, our company may suggest replacement options to protect your building from damage.

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Big John Roofing is a trusted Bronx, New York, commercial roof company with a positive reputation for unparalleled work and caring customer service. 

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