Chimney Cleaning

Keep Your Chimneys Clean with Professional Expertise

Do you know who to call for certified chimney cleaning in Brooklyn? Most homeowners and business owners know how crucial it is to maintain their roofing and siding, but regular chimney inspections and maintenance are just as important.

If you need to get your chimney inspected or need chimney repair services, call our full-service chimney sweeps at Big John Roofing in Brooklyn, NY.

Why You Should Schedule Regular Chimney Cleaning in Brooklyn, NY

New York is a unique and incredible place to live in, but the weather and pollution can be hard on chimney caps, flashing, metal, and brick. Even stainless steel chimneys can be vulnerable to rust and corrosion over time.

Every time you run your wood stove or fireplace in the winter, you send hot gases through the chimney. This causes the chimney and the structures in the fireplace to expand. Gradually, faults develop in the brickwork and the metal structures in the fireplace and along the chimney, including the flashing.

Chimney Inspections in Brooklyn, NY

Don’t leave your chimney to chance. If you have an older building in NY or are buying or building a new property, make sure your chimney is up to code. At Big John Roofing, we can find and fix chimney problems early, so you won’t have to worry about roof leaks, flue gases in your home, or expensive chimney repairs.

Our inspection services include everything from the fireplace or furnace to the chimney cap. A chimney inspection and chimney cleaning in Brooklyn is an investment in your valuable property and personal safety that can pay off handsomely years later.

Professional Chimney Cleaner in Brooklyn, NY

Professionalism and attention to detail matter. You can count on us to show up on time, ready to work, with the right tools to keep your home clean and free from soot and odors. Our chimney service technicians always clean up the work area when they are done so our customers can begin enjoying their fireplaces and chimneys as soon as we leave.

Customer satisfaction matters to us. When our customers turn to us with chimneys and fireplaces that don’t work, we stay on task and work tirelessly until we do the job right. Give your chimney, furnace, boiler, fireplace, or stove professional treatment with Big John Roofing.

Discover the benefits of a spotless chimney by trusting your chimney service to Big John Roofing. You will experience your fireplace like you never have before once your chimney is clean.

Fast Chimney Services in Brooklyn, NY
If your chimney has storm damage or is starting to degrade after years of use, have us fix it promptly and professionally. We have extensive experience with flashing installation, brick repair, vent repair, and other repair services. If you aren’t sure whether your chimney needs repair, call a friendly Big John Roofing chimney sweep for an inspection in the Brooklyn, New York, area,

Why You Need Chimney Sweep Services by the Top Chimney Cleaning Company in Brooklyn, NY

A modern chimney sweep does much more than the Dickensian stereotype. Professional chimney maintenance, including the services of a chimney sweep, helps preserve the integrity of your chimney and maintain good airflow for your home.

If bird nests, soot, grime, and other debris clog your chimney, it can cause dangerous combustion by products to build up. If this happens in your boiler or furnace, the gases can choke off the combustion process. Incomplete combustion causes explosions that damage the combustion chamber and smoke that ruins your air quality.

Protect your chimney, furnace, and fireplace from these threats by having our chimney sweep specialists work on your chimney today.

Call Big John Roofing for Chimney
Cleaning in New York

At Big John Roofing, we have a team of certified chimney experts who use state-of-the-art tools to provide outstanding chimney inspection, installation, repair, and maintenance. If you have a fireplace, furnace, boiler, or wood-burning stove in Brooklyn, New York, Big John Roofing should be the only chimney sweep service you call.

Contact us by calling (646) 242-6093 for expert chimney services, including chimney cap replacement, chimney inspection, and the best chimney cleaning in Brooklyn. Don't forget to have us clean your dryer vent as well for safety and energy efficiency.