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Trust a Top Commercial Roofing Company in Brooklyn, NY

If you are a business owner in New York, you need to take care of your commercial roof to maximize its performance and protect your return on investment. Brooklyn’s combination of cold, wet winters and hot, humid summers wreaks havoc on roofing materials. And keeping in touch with a professional roofing contractor could make all the difference.

Big John Roofing is proud to provide expert commercial roofing services to this bustling community. As the top-rated commercial roofing company in Brooklyn, we have many years of experience on the job and provide an impeccable standard of workmanship. 

Whether you need a roof for new construction or dependable repair work, our licensed and insured team can help.

Brooklyn Commercial Roof Repair—New York

Our commercial roofing contractor team is experienced in all modern commercial roof styles on offices, retail sites, and industrial buildings. Our roofers can prioritize fast and efficient roofing service for every job we perform, and we treat every one of our clients like the valuable partner they are.

Do you need quick repairs after a storm or high winds? Don’t wait; roofs are the main structural elements stopping your assets and employees from being at the mercy of the elements. If your roof sustains damage from impacts, wind, rain, hail, or anything else, give Big John Roofing a call.

Our roofing company can provide expert repairs for any roofing problem, including these common issues we encounter in Brooklyn:

Our commercial roofing company in Brooklyn won’t compromise on the quality of our workmanship. But our team will provide repair service packages to accommodate your budget, show up on time on the appointment date, and answer all your questions about the repair process.

Brooklyn Commercial Roof Replacement

A typical commercial roof lasts about 20 to 30 years, becoming less efficient with age. Eventually, your property will need a roof replacement, and when it does, you can rely on our roofer team at Big John Roofing. We have installed countless roofs and can install yours just as efficiently. 

Do you have a new construction that needs roof installation? Do you want to replace your existing roof with a high-quality replacement that fits your budget? Be sure to ask us about the huge variety of options on offer in Brooklyn, NY.

Brooklyn Commercial Roof Maintenance

If you looked down from the Brooklyn Bridge, the city’s roofs would tell a story. Whether it’s an old roof or a new construction, professional maintenance is a key service for protecting your rooftop. Our Brooklyn roofers will check and clean your roof to extend the life of your roof coatings and maintain the rooftop’s structural integrity.

Depending on your roof’s type and condition, our commercial roofing maintenance program would involve the following:

What happens when our Brooklyn roofers find serious issues? We will let you know about the options to schedule repairs or replace your roof coatings. So, schedule roofing maintenance with our New York contractor once a year to keep your roof in peak condition and minimize your repair costs.

Benefits of Professional Commercial Roofing Contractors

Our commercial roofing contractors’ expertise ensures effective services for business owners across Brooklyn. Here are just a few reasons to call our commercial roofing contractor for regular services:
Lower Energy Costs

Did you know that the roof plays an important role in insulating your building? Commercial and industrial buildings cover more square feet than most residential properties and can be expensive to heat and cool. Regular roof maintenance not only keeps your roof in great condition and creates a comfortable interior for employees, customers, and business partners, but it also lowers your energy costs!

Impress Customers

Does your company offer amazing first impressions? A well-maintained roof reflects positively on your brand and business. So, call us to provide regular roofing service to make your New York roof and roof coatings look their best year-round.

Comply With Building Codes

Our commercial roofing contractor can help you understand the regulations governing commercial roofing materials and coatings and all the relevant building codes in our service locations. We install your new roof or roof coatings up to code to ensure full compliance.

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Commercial Roof Assessment

Big John Roofing has been providing quality commercial roofing in Brooklyn, NY, for many years. Customer satisfaction is a top priority, so if you’re unhappy with our roofers’ workmanship, the work isn’t done!

Do you need a Brooklyn, New York, commercial roof inspection? Contact Big John Roofing at (646) 242-6093 today or connect online to schedule the best commercial roofing company in Brooklyn and beyond.