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Chimney Services in Manhattan Done Right

Getting the best chimney and fireplace cleaning in Manhattan is easy with help from our team at Big John Roofing. Our fully licensed chimney sweepers and repair specialists have years of experience helping homeowners like you protect their properties with reliable service. We are just a phone call away when you need chimney inspections or restorations.

Chimney Flue Experts in Manhattan Offering Chimney Repair and Chimney Sweep Services

Superior chimney repair services in New York can help protect your family’s safety and improve your property’s value and energy efficiency. As a leader in the chimney business, we promise to provide all the chimney repairs and replacements you need for optimal results. Here are a few ways our certified chimney experts can help:

Our Full-Service Chimney Solutions
Chimney Inspection

Get your chimney inspected by us to prevent obstructions in the flue or expensive water leaks. We can safely check for common problems in your chimney, like animal nests and soot buildup.

Chimney Repair

We can provide fast and efficient repairs if your chimneys or fireplaces need caulking, replacement masonry, etc. Our skilled chimney technicians will respect you and your property during service.

Chimney Sweeps

A professional chimney sweep once a year from our team can extend the life expectancy of your New York chimney flue. We will use multi-foot sweeping rods, cameras, and non-corrosive cleaners to restore your chimneys and fireplaces to pristine condition.

Chimney Cap Replacement

We can check your chimney caps for signs of damage and replace them with high-grade steel or copper mesh materials.

Wood Burning Stove Inspections

Our chimney services include inspections and restorations for the wood stove and dryer vent ports that hook up to your chimney.

Brick Pointing

Our chimney repair technicians can fix the mortar joints and masonry elements between your chimney bricks to reduce the risk of damage during storms. Our brick pointing service is a safe and cost-efficient way to save money by avoiding future repairs.

Fireplace Restoration

We can clean and repair your old fireplace. This way, you can enjoy quality indoor air year-round.

Chimney Waterproofing

Water can seep into your chimney flue or fireplace during storms. Our expert chimney services will ensure that your New York property is safe from leaks and unsightly water stains.

The Best Chimney and Fireplace Cleaning Services in Manhattan

Don’t spend hours trying to find a trustworthy chimney sweep in Manhattan, New York — call us for a quality experience. Some of our chimney and fireplace services include:
Top-Rated Chimney Cleaning Services in Manhattan, NY
Hiring a reliable chimney repair service in New York can help you avoid fire and smoke hazards like carbon monoxide inhalation. Our top-rated fireplace and chimney company will pay close attention to detail during every service, so we don’t miss anything that may impact your health or comfort.

What To Expect During a Big John Roofing Chimney
Cleaning in Manhattan, NY

Whether your need brick pointing, a chimney sweep,
or any other quality service, you can enjoy the following perks:

Hiring a Chimney Cleaner in Manhattan After a Severe Storm

After a severe storm, hire us to inspect your chimney. We can provide the following services:

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