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Chimney Cleaning and Chimney Repair
for Optimal Function

Your chimney can experience blockages and wear down over time due to factors like regular use, burning wood in the fireplace, and natural weather events. Teaming up with a professional chimney cleaning company is the smartest way to rejuvenate your chimneys and ensure your family’s safety. Big John Roofing is your go-to choice for chimney cleaning and chimney repair services in New York City.

Our proficient chimney technicians can inspect both the interior and exterior of your chimney and fireplace to outline a sensible and cost-friendly cleaning plan. If you’re searching for a comprehensive chimney cleaning company in New York City, we guarantee total satisfaction. Our chimney cleaners will focus on every detail, communicating any damages they discover in your brickwork or fireplaces.

Obtaining quick and trustworthy dryer vent and chimney cleaning in New York City shouldn’t be a chore.

 When you select our chimney company for a cleaning or repair, you can count on us to show up punctually, equipped with all we need to do the job right. We’re committed to providing top-quality service, regardless of your fireplace and chimney flue’s size or height.

Our fully certified chimney cleaners abide by safe work practices on site. Plus, we can enhance your roof with new chimney caps and flashings for maximum waterproofing.

If you’re uncertain whether our New York City chimney services will meet your needs, check out our reviews to see how we fare in customer satisfaction. After that, get in touch with our chimney cleaning specialists to arrange a consultation. We’ll assist you in budgeting your next chimney inspection, cleaning, or brick repair with zero-interest financing and competitive pricing.

Why Chimney
Flue Cleaning Matters

A lot can go wrong with your chimney in New York City. Older chimneys can rapidly accumulate sticky or flaky soot from the fireplace’s bottom to the chimney cap’s top. Critters can also invade your chimney and build nests.

Blockages in your fireplace can pose serious fire and smoke inhalation risks. This is why we recommend enlisting our certified chimney professionals at least once a year to safeguard your home from potential disasters. We will use chimney-friendly tools, such as non-corrosive cleaners, high-definition cameras, and long sweeping rods to remove obstructions and fireplace residue.

We provide comprehensive reports for every chimney inspected. This ensures you have all the information you need to plan a chimney repair and cleaning without any confusion. You can count on open and honest communication from our chimney cleaning contractors at every stage.

If you own a wood-burning stove with a chimney pipe ventilation port attached to the back, it could become clogged. We can inspect your wood stove and offer preventive care advice to keep your chimney and fireplace in top shape all year round.


Here are a few other reasons why routine chimney repairs and cleanings are crucial for your New York City home:

Engaging a chimney cleaning service can help you spot problems early, saving you from spending big bucks on a preventable chimney repair in the future.

A chimney cleaning service can prevent unpleasant smells from circulating in your home.

Removing blockages from your fireplaces minimizes the risk of carbon monoxide exposure.

A top-notch chimney cleaning can improve your New York City property's heating efficiency, helping you save on utility bills.

A clean chimney makes fireplace and chimney repair tasks, like brick pointing, easier to execute.

Expert Brick Pointing and Chimney Cleaning in New York City From Big John Roofing

At Big John Roofing, we take pride in offering a five-star chimney cleaning and repair service to countless homeowners like you. Whether your fireplace needs a deep clean or your chimney requires brick pointing to seal any vulnerable gaps, we have the expertise and tools needed.

Don’t hesitate to schedule our chimney services today. You can reach out to us directly or fill out a quick online form for a quote.

We welcome any questions you may have about your chimney or our roofing services.

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