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When you need the best commercial roofing company in Queens, New York, there’s only one team to call. At Big John Roofing, our commercial roofing contractors in Queens bring over 40 years of experience. Call today to schedule a service.

Reliable Roofing in Queens, NY

At Big John Roofing, we proudly serve businesses throughout New York by providing next-level commercial services. As business owners ourselves, we understand that running a company requires a lot of time and resources.

Worrying about the condition of your roof while managing employees and enticing new customers can be stressful. Let our crew members handle your roofing needs while you focus on growing your Queens, New York, business.

To book a free estimate or to learn more about our residential roofing services, please contact us now. We are excited to assist you in protecting your house with a dependable and efficient roof.

Our Commercial Roofing in New York Services

A roofing contractor in Queens, New York, can help with various roofing projects. Our professional commercial roofing contractors provide numerous services.

The Roofing Systems We Install and Replace

Whether you’re expanding your business or need new construction at a brand-new location, our roofing contractors can assist. We work with multiple commercial structures and industrial buildings and can find the correct replacement or installation for your commercial property.

Our general contractors always do an excellent job for any roofing system installation or complete roof replacement. Installation materials we work with include shingles, metal, and concrete. Our team can help you find the right material to use for your roof.

Alongside ensuring your roof continues to last, we also can install a roof that enhances your property’s curb appeal. We always factor in considerations like budgets when installing new roofing systems.

A commercial roof replacement or installation often requires adhering to stricter building codes than a traditional residential roofing project. For a commercial roof replacement in Queens, New York, we always ensure your project fully adheres to these roofing standards.

Our Roof Repair Services

A commercial roof installation or replacement is sometimes necessary, but our roofing repair services can help company owners avoid needing to install a new commercial roofing system. We recommend having our team regularly inspect your existing roof to scan for any potential issues.

Our roof repair and maintenance services can catch problems early on and correct them before they become major financial hurdles. We handle roof repair projects quickly and cost-effectively. Let our expert crew handle your commercial roof repair in Queens, New York.

Our Emergency Commercial Roofing Services

While regular roof maintenance can help you avoid needing an expensive roof repair, problems like major storms can cause damage overnight. Even the most durable and well-maintained commercial roof can suffer from issues following extreme weather.

Instead of waiting the next day, a commercial roofer in Queens, NY, can inspect your roofing project and administer the right roof repair services.

Our Queens, New York, roofing contractors are available 24/7. Our roofing business is always just one call away, and we can dispatch contractors to inspect your roofing systems and recommend the right roof repair service.

Our Roofing Work Includes Gutters

At Big John Roofing, we’re the best in the local roofing industry because we understand many elements affect the quality of roofing systems. Whether you have a new roof or a roofing project that’s several years old, you should have our crew regularly maintain your gutters.

Your gutter system redirects rainwater away from your New York business, preventing water damage to your roof and foundation.

Our gutter maintenance service includes cleaning your gutters and scanning for potential issues, like:


Water damage

Rotten wood

Sagging gutters

Damaged downspouts

Mold growth and more

Regularly maintaining your gutters prevents damage to your roof while improving your indoor air quality.

Our Waterproofing Service

Our waterproofing service protects your roofing set-up from water damage. The Queens, NY, area is no stranger to rainstorms or flooding. Even when a small amount of water breaches your business, issues can occur, including:

Our waterproofing service can extend your property’s lifespan. New and old roofing projects can benefit from waterproofing.

Our Chimney Cleaning Service

Regularly cleaning your concrete chimney is also crucial in protecting roofing systems. By having a professional clean your chimney, you can eliminate safety risks and create a healthier environment for your Queens, New York, customers.

Our roofing contractors can also repair your chimney or suggest a new construction when necessary. 

We proudly provide the best commercial roofing in Queens, New York, including regular chimney cleaning.

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