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Get chimney cleaning in Staten Island, NY from highly-trained experts!

Does your home smell like smoke even when you don’t have a fire lit? Can you perceive foul odors from your fireplace? It’s time to schedule a chimney sweep. At Big John Roofing, we are one of the few roofing contractors offering professional chimney cleaning in Staten Island, NY.

Our highly experienced team can eliminate the creosote, dirt, and debris in your chimney system. 

We’ll also provide a comprehensive review of your chimney system’s health. Book a consultation today.

Why You Should Schedule Regular Chimney Cleaning in Brooklyn, NY

At Big John Roofing, we proudly offer the full range of chimney-related services.

We don’t just clean out soot and debris and leave; we can help with the following:

Chimney Sweeping

Our specialists use high-quality equipment to clear out all debris and creosote deposits in your chimney system.

Chimney Repairs

Our repairs help prevent heat loss, odors, and the inflow of allergens into your home.

Chimney Liner Installation

Do you have old chimney liners that no longer function as they should? Our team of professionals can replace them.

Chimney Cap Installation

We can install copper and stainless chimney caps to prevent debris buildup, water intrusion, and downdrafts. The caps also keep small animals from entering your house through your fireplaces.

Better Indoor Air Quality 

Clearing out soot, creosote, animal droppings, nests, and other types of debris in chimneys can improve indoor air quality.

Better Heating Efficiency

A clean chimney ensures a more efficient and thorough burn. A clogged chimney will prevent oxygen from reaching the burning wood.

Prevent Chimney Fire

Creosote buildup is one of the leading causes of house fires. The by-product of wood burning mounts with every day you use your chimney. Therefore, you need a professional chimney sweep to prevent accidental fires.

Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Cleaning the debris out of your chimney flue and general chimney repair reduces the risk of smoke reversing into your home.

Following The National Fire Protection Association Recommendations

The NFPA recommends cleaning your chimney at least once a year to keep it in excellent working condition. Ideally, you should schedule a chimney inspection and sweep simultaneously in the spring. The advantages of chimney cleaning include:

Avoid DIY Chimney Cleaning

Chimney sweeps are messy. You shouldn’t undertake them on your own. You may damage your new roof or other parts of your house while attempting fireplace sweeps.

Turn to the number one choice for chimney cleaning in Staten Island, NY, instead. 

Our professional team will complete the chimney sweep quickly and provide a status report. We’ll also carry out chimney repairs where necessary.

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your chimney is spotless and safe by working with the best chimney service providers in your local area.

What To Expect When You Get Chimney Cleaning
in Staten Island, New York from Us

Residential and commercial properties choose us for chimney
cleaning in Staten Island, NY, because we offer:

Professional Chimney Inspections
Our chimney cleaning often includes an inspection. We also offer chimney repair and inspection during roof repairs. However, you can also have your chimney inspected whenever you feel it’s necessary. Early detection of chimney problems is the best way to avoid more serious damage and higher expenses.

Get Chimney Sweep Services,
Chimney Repairs, and More

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