Chimney Cleaning in New York:
Top-Rated Chimney Services in Queens

Investing in expert chimney services is a practical way to keep your Queens, New York, home safe. Call us today for reliable chimney inspections.

Get Reliable Emergency Roofing When You Need It Most

Even a well-maintained and durable roof can experience significant storm damage, resulting in issues like collapsed roofing sections or major roof leaks. Sometimes, an emergency roof repair in Queens, NY, is necessary outside of normal business hours.

Whether you’re dealing with water leaks or are afraid that your roofing system is on the verge of collapsing, our Big John Roofing team is just one call away. 

After you contact us, we’ll send an emergency roofing contractor to inspect your roof as soon as possible and recommend the correct roofing services.

Chimney Sweeping and Chimney Repair
for Improved Efficiency

Over time, your chimney may suffer from obstructions and deterioration due to age, burning wood in the fireplace, and natural disasters. Partnering with a professional chimney sweep company is the best way to restore your chimneys and protect your family’s safety. At Big John Roofing, we are your top choice for chimney cleaning and chimney repair services in New York.

Our skilled chimney technicians can inspect the interior and exterior of your chimney and fireplace to plan a practical and cost-efficient sweep. When you need a full-service chimney cleaning company in Queens, we guarantee 100% satisfaction. Our chimney sweeps will pay close attention to detail, communicating any damage they find in your brickwork or fireplaces.

Finding fast and dependable dryer vent and chimney cleaning in Queens, NY, doesn’t need to be a hassle. 

When you choose our chimney business for a sweep or repair, you can expect us to arrive on time with everything we need to complete the job correctly.
We promise to deliver quality service regardless of the size or height of your fireplace and chimney flue.
Our fully licensed chimney sweepers adhere to safe work standards on site. Additionally, we can upgrade your roof with new chimney caps and flashings for maximum waterproofing.

If you aren’t sure if our New York chimney services will provide the quality experience you need, explore our reviews to see how we rank in customer satisfaction. Once you finish reading, reach out to our chimney sweep specialists to schedule a consultation. We will help you budget your next chimney inspection, sweep, or brick repair with zero-interest financing and competitive pricing.

Why Cleaning the Chimney
Flue Is Important

A lot can go wrong with your chimney in Queens, New York. Old chimneys can quickly accumulate sticky or flakey soot from the bottom of the fireplace to the top of the chimney cap. Animals can also burrow into your chimney and make nests.

Obstructions in your fireplace can create significant fire and smoke inhalation hazards. That is why we recommend hiring our certified chimney experts at least once a year to protect your home from disaster. We will use chimney-safe technology, such as non-corrosive cleaners, high-definition cameras, and long sweeping rods to clear obstructions and fireplace gunk.

We will provide detailed reports for every chimney inspected. This way, you have all the information you need to plan a chimney repair and sweep without confusion. You can expect honest communication from our chimney sweep contractors during every interaction.

If you own a wood-burning stove, a chimney pipe ventilation port attached to the back could clog. We can inspect your wood stove and offer preventive care advice to keep your chimney and fireplace pristine year-round.

Here are some other reasons why routine chimney repairs and cleanings are important for your Queens, New York, home:

You will save money on future repair projects by reinforcing yHiring a chimney sweep service can help you identify problems early, so you don't spend hundreds of dollars on a preventable chimney repair down the line.our roof today.

A chimney sweeping service can prevent unpleasant odors from circulating in your home.

Clearing your fireplaces of obstructions reduces the risk of carbon monoxide exposure.

A quality chimney sweep can improve the heating efficiency of your Queens, New York, property, saving you money on utilities.

A clean chimney makes fireplace and chimney repair projects, like brick pointing, easier to complete.

Fully Licensed Brick Pointing and Chimney Cleaning in New York From Big John Roofing

At Big John Roofing, we proudly deliver a five-star chimney sweep and repair service to hundreds of homeowners like you. Whether you need a fireplace deep clean or brick pointing to seal vulnerable gaps in your chimney, we have the experience and technology.

Don’t wait to schedule our chimney services today. You can call us directly or fill out a 30-second form online for a quote.

Feel free to ask us any questions you may have about your chimney or our roofing services.

Hire a dedicated chimney service technician from Big John Roofing in Queens, New York. Call (646) 242-6093 to learn more about our chimney repair service.